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Someone with Japanese knowledge can help me?

Okay, so for a certain project I needed some quotes from TB & X.
So i hunted for kanji after kanji until I got them all. Now... I'm not so sure I've gotten them right (there are some kanji that look damn similar to me!) so I would apprecciate if someone with Japanese knowledge could through them and tell me if I've messed up... They're placed in the order I've needed them so, although they more or less are also in chronoligical order... well, sometimes they might be not.
Any help will be greatly apprecciated!

( Huge wall of Japanese quotes )

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[fic] Nukume Dori 15-16

TITLE: Nukume Dori
GENRE: Drama / AU
CHAPTER: Chapter 15-16 (ongoing)
COMMENTS: For those who have been following this story since its beginning some heaven knows how many years ago, I suspect you've already gone to read. For newer readers, here's the gist: after the Final Day someone made a wish that results in Subaru going back to his former life where Hokuto is alive and Seishirou is a vet. The tricky thing is that Subaru remembers everything that happened, but no one else does, and the clock on the Bet is ticking away again. Chapter Fifteen moves the action to Kyoto where Subaru has to deal with Lady Sumeragi, his sister, illness and more not necessarily in that order. Chapter Sixteen is New Year's Eve and everything that goes with it: apologies, ceremonies, and celebration.

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