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[fic] Nukume Dori 17, 18 and Annex VII

TITLE: Nukume Dori
GENRE: Drama / AU
CHAPTERS: 17, 18 and Annex VII (ongoing)
COMMENTS: In the chance that there are people who haven't been following from the beginning, after the Final Day someone made a wish that results in Subaru going back to his former life where Hokuto is alive and Seishirou's a vet. The tricky thing is that Subaru remembers everything that happened, but no one else does, and the clock on the Bet is ticking away again. Catching up with my posts on this community, Chapter 17 is a Hokuto chapter as she deals with the reality of a relationship between Subaru and Seishirou. Chapter 18 is the redo of the 'Old' chapter from the original Tokyo Babylon manga. Annex VII is a Hokuto side-piece with a surprise at the end ...

Read NOT at the usual place--
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Annex VII

Previous chapters are available here


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